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1. 7 Color light options: different brightness and light color to meet your different requirements. White Light (Bedlamp Mode) 10 Levels of Brightness Can Be Selected. Choose Your Favorite Color for The Alarm Clock Light From The Warm White – Green – Red – Blue – Purple – Orange Indigo.
2. 7 Sound Sunrise Alarm Clock: Sunrise Simulation Includes 6 Natural Sounds, Such As Frogs, Birds, Waves, Etc., Which Make You Revel In The Nature of Sound And Smell. The Seventh Voice Is Fm Radio.
3. Wake Up Light Multifunctional – Fashion Can Be Used As A Bedside Lamp, Night Light, Atmosphere Lamp And Alarm Clock, And Fm Radio To Listen To Your Favorite Music Or News Station.
4. Charging You Wake Up In The Morning, The Light Is Powered Directly By The Charger In 3 Ways, Or Usb Cable And Two Aaa Batteries (Not Included), Wireless Or First Aid Use! Selectable 12 Hour Clock Display Or 24 Hour Clock Display.
5. Adjustable Volume From 15 Levels. USB Charging Port, Snooze Mode, Touch Control, LED Display Is Easy To Read.
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.55kgs / 1.21lb
Qty per Carton 5
Carton Weight 2.80kgs / 6.17lb
Carton Size 22cm * 40cm * 22cm / 8.66inch * 15.75inch * 8.66inch

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