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  • Brand Name:XIAOKOA
  • Style:Tabletop
  • Use:Computer Microphone
  • Transducer:Condenser Microphone
  • Set Type:Single Microphone
  • Model Number:A2cable
  • Communication:Wired
  • Package:Yes
  • Polar Patterns:Omnidirectional
Product Introduce :
♫ Portable Plug&Play:USB Condenser Microphone simply plugs it into any available USB port.Select it as input in your software settings without driver or software installed.Great use for PC/Notebook/laptop/Desktop/Macbook.
♫ Distinctive Omnidirectional Microphone: USB computer mic Designed to filter out background noises for crisp.Noise cancellation and isolates the main sound source by the sponge cover to protect the sound quality. Allows you to be heard lound and crystal clear.
♫ Flexible & Mute Button Design:360°Flexible goosenecks microphone allows you to adjust the perfect angle , height or swivel to show your charming voice.The on/ off button setting of the steady wide stand allows you to fix the unexpected noise.
♫ Multifunctional Usages:This type of computer mic is good for network chatting, singing,home studio, gaming,Skype,Discord, Speech,Yahoo Recording, YouTube Recording, Google Voice Search, Steam,podcast and desktop recording.

Product description
Compatible with: Macbook/Desktop/Notebook/PC
Microphone Directivity: Omnidirectional
USB microphone Dimension:10.3 in *3.2 in
Frequency Response:30hz-16000hz
Rate Power:3v
Plug Type:usb

……………………..Plug-and-play USB microphone is great choice for skype, youtube audio , gaming ps4,meeting and conference…………………………
Simply plug in and start recording-Directly to your computer via usb with the NEWHAODI pc microphone,a great choice for both vocal and recording as well as for creating podcasts for videos,compatible with both Windows and Mac OS operating systems.
You can simply plug the usb computer microphone into your PC, macbook air,chromebook, start recording ,streaming with friends,speech recognition.
Record studio-quality audio-Record studio-quality audio with desktop microphone directly to your computer.Excellent for vocals .Just get it by clicking “ADD TO CART”.

Please set up manual if your computer can not recognize the microphone
Step 1:Go to your desktop and right-click the volume icon (the one that looks like speakers) and select “Recording Devices” .
Step 2:Choose the 2-AK5371 microphone .If not defualt ,please click “set Defualt” .
Step 3:Click the step 2 “Microphone” twice to adjust sound volume and other parameters according to your option.Then click ok to finish.

Package include
★1xUSB Condenser Microphone
★1x Anti-spray sponge
★1x 48” length usb cable
★1x usb mic instruction


This device is not compatible with Window 8-10 systems

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.30kgs / 0.67lb
Qty per Carton 49
Carton Weight 15.00kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 54cm * 25cm * 21cm / 21.26inch * 9.84inch * 8.27inch

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