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1. Give your space a dose of refreshing rustic flair with this barnyard inspired console table.
2. Featuring a natural wood finished in a classic weathered gray tone, this is the statement furniture piece that will add unique character to your home. The upper drawer and double barnyard base doors feature thick plank detailing while the metal handles and exposed fixtures are finished in a matte black powder coating for added charm.
3. Built with smoothed MDF wood , this console table is highly durable with a solid structure while also providing plenty of storage space for your household essentials.
4. This console table features a wood pattern in a weathered finish to add a rustic touch to your home. The neutral gray hue alongside the black powder coated hardware create a classic barnyard inspired look to create a unique flair for your space. Place your favorite d??cor on the spacious surface to customize this table to your liking.
5. Thick base support legs combined with reinforced hardware for extended support ensure this console table can withstand heavy loads.
6. This console table features a spacious tabletop to display decors and other living room essentials. Two large front facing cabinets and an upper smooth glide drawer provide plenty of space for belongings of all sizes. Accent powder coated metal handles prevent untimely rusting.
7. Ideal for apartments and other tight areas, this piece is compact enough to neatly fit into narrow spaces when set up against the wall. Effortlessly enhance your entryway, foyer, hallway, living room and more while also adding extra storage without taking up valuable space.
8. Complete assembly quickly and easily with a clear instruction manual included.
9. Weights & Dimensions: Product size 30 inch x15.7 inch x33.2 inch; Drawer Inside 23.6inchx12.9inchx3.9inch; Bottom to floor 3.9 inch; Cabinet Inside 25.5 inchx20.4inchx14.9inch
10. Overall Product Weight: 64 lb
11. Weight Capacity: 100 Pounds
12. Storage Space Weight Capacity: 100 Pounds
13. Drawer Weight Capacity: 50 Pounds

Package Weight
One Package Weight 30.20kgs / 66.58lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 31.00kgs / 68.34lb
Carton Size 93cm * 49cm * 26cm / 36.61inch * 19.29inch * 10.24inch
Loading Container 20GP: 225 cartons * 1 pcs = 225 pcs
40HQ: 522 cartons * 1 pcs = 522 pcs

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