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1. Riding a unicycle is to train your balance and strength
2. Reasonable design based on human histology and movement characteristics
3. Very suitable for novices and professionals
4. When you are sitting on a unicycle with one foot in the lowest position of the pedal, your legs should be almost straight
5. The frame is made of high-quality manganese steel, strong and durable
6. The inner tube is a leak-proof butyl tire with no secondary inflation for three months
7. The quick-release seatpost clamp is made of aluminum alloy
8. High-quality tires can provide better control and stability to avoid losing your balance when the road bumps or cracks
9. Size: 20-inch wheels (20-inch x 2.125-inch tires)

Note: For safety reasons, novices should follow the instructions or accompany their instructors. The best place for training is the rear deck or a baseball field with a chain fence. Choose an area of grass with solid, flat dirt, and then you can grab the fence

Package Weight
One Package Weight 4.93kgs / 10.87lb
Qty per Carton 2
Carton Weight 11.30kgs / 24.91lb
Carton Size 51cm * 49cm * 37cm / 20.08inch * 19.29inch * 14.57inch
Loading Container 20GP: 288 cartons * 2 pcs = 576 pcs
40HQ: 669 cartons * 2 pcs = 1338 pcs

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