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  • Brand Name:FORNORM
  • 3D Glasses Type:Red&Blue
  • Compatible Device:No
  • Viewing Experience:Non-Immersive
  • Type:Biocular
  • All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses:No
  • Display Number:Dual
  • Sensor Type:White light DLP-link
  • Controllers:No
  • Model Number:3D Shutter Glasses
  • Package:No
  • Set Type:Glasses Only
  • FOV:30 degree (L/R 15 degree)
  • Camera:No
  • Wireless network Type:None
  • Ports:None
  • Base Stations:No
  • Real-time Map Construction:No
  • Gesture Recognition:No
  • Bundle:Bundle 1
  • I/O:1*Micro USB part
  • Working Time:80±5hours
  • Charging Time:2-3hours
  • Working Current:<1.2mA
  • Power Supply:3.7V 80 mAH
  • Response Time:2.0ms±0.5ms
  • Frequency:96/100/120/144Hz
  • View Angle:30°(L/R 15°)
  • SYNC Operation:White light DLP-link
  • Material:Plastic, resin lens
Original high-transmittance lenses, support 1080P HD source, stable performance without losing frames.
Enjoy the luxury of visual mainstream 3D, smooth, stable, bring more efficient experience.
Built-in high-capacity battery, once full charge for about 80 hours.
LCD chip increased by 10%, with view angle 30°(L/R 15°), any movement does not affect the visual.
Designed for the myopia crowd.
High quality chipset built in, provides fast working.
Note: This product does not support monitors, normal projectors, infrared projectors, Bluetooth 3D projectors, and regular televisions. So your device is not suitable.
For DLP projector supports 3D technology, if you do not know your device can be used, please contact us before buying
Type: 3D Shutter Glasses
Quantity: 1pc
Item Color: As shown
Transmission: ≥38%±2
Battery Lifespan: 0℃-45℃
Storage Temperature: -10°C – 60°C
Work Humidity: 20% – 80% RH
Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa – 106kPa
Size: 15.5*4.9*4.2cm / 6.1*1.9*1.6"(L*W*H)
Net Weight: 47g / 1.7oz
1*3D glasses
1*Charging cable
1*Cleaning cloth
1*English & Chinese user manual
1*Package box

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.08kgs / 0.19lb
Qty per Carton 179
Carton Weight 15.00kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 90cm * 39cm * 32cm / 35.43inch * 15.35inch * 12.6inch

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