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1. Light source: LED light
2. Voltage: 5V
3. Material: PVC+ABS+PC
4. Dimensions: 135 x 110 x 256 mm
5. Power: 0.3 w
6. Power supply: USB
7. Battery capacity: 1200mAh (only for rechargeable version)
8. Weight: In-line version: 380g, storage version: 425g
9. Warm reminder:
– To use, it is recommended to charge for 3-6 hours first.
– After fully charged, it can be used continuously for 15-30 hours.
– This product comes with overcharge and overdischarge power protection.
– In the vibration induction mode, there should be an interval of 1 second each time, which can make the transition more smooth.
– When not in use for a long time, it should be fully charged and the switch should be turned off (OFF) for storage, and refilled every 3 months.
– After placing it for a long time, shake it before use to reset the vibration switch. (The charging and discharging functions suggested above are only for storage models)
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.45kgs / 1.00lb
Qty per Carton 40
Carton Weight 18.00kgs / 39.68lb
Carton Size 58cm * 46cm * 62cm / 22.83inch * 18.11inch * 24.41inch
Loading Container 20GP: 161 cartons * 40 pcs = 6440 pcs
40HQ: 374 cartons * 40 pcs = 14960 pcs

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