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    This is a very humanized design product which suitable for babies potty training. It comes in an armband with an included alarm, which has high sensitivity of wet. Place or clip the sensor to where the moisture will be detected, and it will alarm you to help your baby to the bathroom. No more bed wetting, you might have restful nights and less laundry after having such a good item.

    High sensitivity.
    Mini size, small and exquisite.
    Adjustable elastic armband to ensure a comfortable fit.
    Good to use for potty training and help to cure the bed wetting problem.
    After the alarm was activated, there is a voice and gently vibrates to let you know.
    Suitable for babies, people who are old and frail and who cannot take care of themselves

    Material: ABS
    Power Supply: 2 × CR2025 button battery (included)
    Power Voltage: 3V
    Max. Operating Current: ≤30mA
    Wire Length: 92cm / 36.22in
    Item Weight: Approx. 48g / 1.71oz
    Item Size: Approx. 5 x 4 x 1.5cm / 1.97 x1.57 x 0.59in
    Package Weight: Approx. 108g / 3.83oz
    Package Size: Approx. 10.5 x 10.5 x 8cm / 4.13 x 4.13 x 3.15in

    Package List:
    1 x Alarm
    1 x Screwdriver
    2 x Mini Clip
    2 x Pins
    1 x English Manual

    Package Weight
    One Package Weight 0.15kgs / 0.33lb
    Qty per Carton 36
    Carton Weight 4.50kgs / 9.92lb
    Carton Size 36cm * 36cm * 40cm / 14.17inch * 14.17inch * 15.75inch

    OEM are Welcome! we can print customer''s artwork and logo

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