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1. PVC material, thick and wear-resistant, no leakage
2. Large space
3. Simple storage
4. Non-slip, won't roll over
5. Thick safety edge
6. Quick drainage
7. Suitable for family summer water activities
8. Can be used repeatedly for exhaust and drainage, portable
9. Delivery without inflation, inflatable tools need to be purchased separately
10. External dimensions after inflation: 120x105x75 cm
11. Inner dimensions after inflation: 75x60x75 cm
12. Suitable age: 0-3 years old

Packing list:
Swimming pool x 1
Drain pipe x 1
Repair kit x 1
Water temperature card x 1
Collar (random color delivery) x 1

Package Weight
One Package Weight 3.00kgs / 6.62lb
Qty per Carton 10
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 64cm * 64cm * 21cm / 25.2inch * 25.2inch * 8.27inch

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