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1. Heel height: high heel
2. Shoe sole material: rubber sole
3. Insole material: PU
4. Lining material: PU
5. Upper material: high quality leather
6. With the bottom style: wedge heel
7. Breathable and comfortable inside, the skin-friendly material is used as the inner lining, and the touch is soft, so that the wear is more suitable for the feet, the feet are protected, and the upper is breathable.
8. Increase the heel design, not only can stretch your leg length, but also show your slender ankle
9. Lightweight walk, made of two layers of cowhide material for the upper, with a polyurethane outsole to make you walk lighter.
10. Rubber sole, flexible and resistant to bending, durable and durable, zero walking burden
11. Waxing ribbon design, fashion classic, easy to wear off, the trend is good, stylish and beautiful.
12. Stylish inlaid crystal design, free to do what you want, beautiful and eye-catching, the pine pace is full of elegance and confidence.
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.60kgs / 1.32lb
Qty per Carton 3
Carton Weight 1.80kgs / 3.97lb
Carton Size 31cm * 21cm * 33cm / 12.2inch * 8.27inch * 12.99inch

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