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Product overview:
TX16 is an optical fiber, bluetooth 3.5 mm launch – receive amphibious yituo two bluetooth adapter, can connect the two devices at the same time. When it is for the use of bluetooth transmitter, it can be mobile, walkman, TV set, computer devices such as music transmitted to you by means of wireless bluetooth receiver, stereo bluetooth headset, bluetooth speakers, etc.
When it is used as a receiver, it is used as a bluetooth stereo headset (only need to plug the headphone cable into the 3.5mm interface) or connected with the speaker and power amplifier device through the audio cable to realize the wireless bluetooth transmission of mobile phone or computer to play audio signals.
The product is designed with CSR5.0 module, and the high-end integrated chip has the characteristics of perfect sound quality and low power consumption. It integrates the functions of bluetooth audio transmitter, and is compatible with all electronic products on the market. It also solves the problem that products such as XOBX game console -PS4- smart TV only have optical port output.
Note: before using TX6, please use it fully charged.
Product specifications:
Item description: TX16
Bluetooth version: V4.1, Class II
Bluetooth chip: CSR BC8670
Frequency range: 2.402GHZ-2.480GHZ
Bluetooth protocol: RX: A2DP AVRCP TX: A2DP
Transmission mode: support (connect two bluetooth speakers or headphones at the same time, using one CODEC)
Receiving mode: support (one tow two functions, even two mobile phones)
CODEC: sorting TX: preferred apt-x, second :SBC, third: aptx-ll, fourth: FastStream RX :SBC
Note for use with APTX: support apt-x 48KHZ codec with single connection preferred (headphone or speaker must also support apt-x); automatically switch SBC codec with double connection.
Battery specification: 350MA rechargeable lithium battery
Charging power: 110-240v AC Adapter 5VDC > 300ma
Operating temperature: -10 — 55 degrees
AUX: 15 hours SPDIF: 12 hours
Packing weight: 118g
Product size: 60*60*20mm
Packing size: 160*105*31mm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.12kgs / 0.27lb
Qty per Carton 121
Carton Weight 15.00kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 79cm * 51cm * 15cm / 31.1inch * 20.08inch * 5.91inch

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