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1. Frequency Range: VHF: 144-146MHz (136-174MHz), UHF: 430-440MHz (400-490MHz), FM: 86.7-108MHz
2. Number of Channels: 200
3. Channel spacing: 25KHz(Wide Band), 12.5KHz (Narrow Band)
5. Phrase-lock step: 2.5KHz, 5Khz, 6.25KHz, 10KHz, 12.5KHz, 15KHz, 20KHz, 25KHz, 30KHz, 50KHz
6. Operating voltage (ordinary): DC 13.8V+/-15%
7. Operating voltage (wide voltage): DC 12-28V
8. Squelch method: Carrier/CTCSS/DCS/5tone/2tone/DTMF
9. Frequency stability: +/-2.5ppm
10. Operating Temperature: -20~+60 degree C
11. Dimensions: 124 (W) x 101(D) x 36 (H)mm
12. Weight: About 0.45Kg

Transmitter Part
1. Power Output: (UHF/VHF)Wide Band / Narrow Band: 25W/10W/5W
2. Modulation: Wide Band: 16K x F3E, Narrow Band: 11K x F3E
3. Adjacent Channel Power: Wide Band: >=70dB, Narrow Band: >=60dB
4. Hum & Noise: Wide Band: >=40dB,Narrow Band: >=36dB
5. Spurious Emission: Wide Band: >=60dB, Narrow Band: >=60dB
6. Wide Band: Audio Response: +1~-3dB (0.3~3KHz), Narrow Band: +1~-3dB (0.3~3KHz)
7. Audio Distortion: =<5%

Receiver Part
1. Sensitivity (12dBm SINDA): Wide Band: =<0.25uV, Narrow Band: =<0.35uV
2. Adjacent Channel Selectivity: Wide Band: >=70dB, Narrow Band: >=60dB
3. Audio Response: Wide Band: +1~-3dB (0.3~3KHz), Narrow Band: +1~-3dB (0.3~2.55KHz)
4. Noise Ratio: Wide Band: >=45dB, Wide Band: >=40dB
5. Audio distortion: 3%
6. Audio power output: >2W@10%

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.86kgs / 1.90lb
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 17.80kgs / 39.24lb
Carton Size 42cm * 32cm * 35cm / 16.54inch * 12.6inch * 13.78inch
Loading Container 20GP: 566 cartons * 20 pcs = 11320 pcs
40HQ: 1316 cartons * 20 pcs = 26320 pcs

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