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  • Style:Novelty
  • Power Source:AC
  • Is Batteries Included:No
  • Usage:Holiday
  • Body Material:ABS
  • Is Batteries Required:No
  • Is Bulbs Included:Yes
  • Warranty:Led Night Light
  • Light Source:LED Bulbs
  • Model Number:Electronic Plasma ball
  • Item:USB Plasma Ball
  • Application:Home,Party,Christmas,Birthday,Kids Bedroom Decor
1. The base produces high frequency electromagnetic waves that cause the gases to turn into plasma. 2. If you touch the ball,the for lightning bolts will combine into a strong beam and follow the movement of your finger. 3. Clap hands to it and watch the pattern in its striking pulsations. 4. Perfect decoration for homes,parties,cafe,bars,restaurants,exhibitions and so on. 5. It is a plasma ball, good for your health. Working principle: 1. Appearance of high-strength glass spherical shell,filled with inert gas thin inner sphere,the central spherical glass balls with a black electrode. 2. Have a ball at the bottom of the oscillator circuit board by a power converter that converts 12V DC into a high-pressure low-pressure high-frequency voltage applied to the electrode. 3. Power, the electric field oscillating circuit generates a high frequency voltage,since the inner ball rarefied gas ionization by high-frequency electric field and shine,produce mystery. 4. Some linear light glow occurs,colorful,radiant,very nice in the dark. 5. When the hand (people connected to earth) touches the ball,the ball around the field,the potential distribution is no longer symmetrical, so that the light becomes brighter place around the finger,hand touch along the arc generated by the movement of swimming twist,move and dance with your fingers. Package contains: 1 x USB Plasma light Ball

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.25kgs / 0.55lb
Qty per Carton 36
Carton Weight 9.00kgs / 19.84lb
Carton Size 60cm * 33cm * 33cm / 23.62inch * 12.99inch * 12.99inch

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