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1) Display digital picture in Hi-resolution and great quality, solution: Allwinner C300

2) Create an automatic slide show with multiple transition effects and optional background music

3) New auto-rotate feature shifts photos when frame is turned vertical

4) Support JPEG format images

5) Play mp3 music with the integrated stereo speakers

6) Supports e-book with TXT format

7) Play MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG 4 and RMVB movie files stored on support memory cards

8) Compatible with many memory cards including, SD, MMC, MS cards, compact flash as well as USB flash drives

9) New calendar mode with slideshow and alarm clock

10) User-friendly on screen display lets you easily access all features

11) Includes a credit card-sized remote control

12) Display:

– Screen Size: 15 inch

– Resolution: 1024×768/4:3

Package Weight
One Package Weight 3.90kgs / 8.60lb
Qty per Carton 4
Carton Weight 14.50kgs / 31.97lb
Carton Size 47cm * 42cm * 40cm / 18.5inch * 16.54inch * 15.75inch

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#1529 in category: Consumer Electronics
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»  Digital Photo Frame
#11 in category: Consumer Electronics
»  Digital Photo Frame
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Australia, New Zealand, Argentina
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England, Ireland, Scotland, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Maldives and Qatar
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