How to Choose the Best Backpacking Backpack in 2018

January 30, 2018

Although suitcases have taken over the traveling world for many years, backpacks are increasing in popularity with the rise in world travelers and backpacker culture. It could be argued that backpacks are even more convenient than carrying a suitcase.

Perhaps it is the fact that backpacks allow more freedom and ease of travel when getting through airports, going up or down stairs, or crossing busy streets with rocky pavement. Purchasing a new travel backpack should be seen as an investment, as you should be choosing a quality pack that will do its job without too much wear and tear. That doesn’t mean that you need to blow your savings (that could be used for travel) when there are plenty of affordable backpacks out there!

Many backpacks are also carry-on friendly to cut down on extra travel costs. But with so many options you may be wondering what some of the main features to look for are. So, to help you out, we have made a list with a few tips and backpack suggestions before you go out and make your purchase! Without further ado, here is our guide on how to choose the best backpacking backpack in 2018.

1. Front loading as well as top loading

If you’ve ever been a backpacker, you will appreciate this tip. Front loading backpacks take away the stress of having to dig around to find items and have the convenience and organization of a suitcase. Front loading means the main compartment of the backpack opens up like a suitcase for ease-of-use, and top loading means the backpack opens at the top.

Check out the Gregory Amber 60. This pack is great for shorter trips in cold climates or longer trips in tropical climates! The 60L size allows it to be taken on an airplane as cabin luggage. Also included is a Sidetrack day pack and rain cover. With cushioned straps and plenty on compartments, this pack is sure to satisfy traveler needs. Gregory Amber 60 Backpack

You can find more details or purchase this backpack here.

Multi-purpose backpacks

Multi purpose backpacks are some of the most convenient traveling essentials made. To be able to convert your luggage based on travel needs is a sure way to save some extra money.

For this, we suggest the Standard Luggage Co. 3-in-1 Travel Backpack. This backpack is classified as 3-in-1 for being a backpack, shoulder bag, as well as a suitcase. Included are hideaway and removable straps to keep things organized. So rather than purchase 3 different sets of luggage, be sure to look into this bag and see if it fits your needs!

Standard Luggage Co. 3-in-1 Travel BackpackYou can find more details or purchase this bag here.

Durable quality material

When investing in a backpack, it is important to look for good quality material that will be long lasting without too much wear and tear.

We suggest the Osprey Porter 46. Not only is this bag lightweight and durable, it is also multi-purpose with a hideaway shoulder strap! The material used for this bag is a great quality fabric that will be sure to last for many trips.Osprey Porter 46You can find more details or purchase this bag here.

best backpacking backpack

This guide should help you with recommendations on choosing the best backpacking backpack in 2018, as well as factors to consider for your next backpack. Let me know if you have any additions in the comments below!

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